A Web Experience Designed with You in Mind

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Welcome to MyKish.com!

Kish is excited to welcome you to our new and improved website, MyKish.com—a new online experience designed with you in mind.

Our completely reimagined website provides a unique and user-friendly experience for new and existing customers with all the resources and support you need to achieve the goals most important to you.


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All Kish Services in
One Easy Place

You can now use MyKish.com as your go-to resource for all Kish services—Personal & Business Banking, Loans & Credit, Insurance, Wealth Management, Benefits Consulting, and Travel.


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Live Chat

Get your banking questions answered in real time by a local, expert Kish Banker.

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Online Appointment Scheduling

It’s easier than ever to schedule a banking appointment with us—just choose the date and time most convenient for you. Look for the yellow “Schedule an Appointment” button at the top of Banking pages.


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My Kish List

With this new tool, you can create a list of banking topics you’d like to discuss with Kish,
in-person or by phone.

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Simple Account

Your online Kish accounts—Digital Banking, Insurance Customer Care, Investor360, credit
cards, and Trust—will not be changing, but you can now access them all from one convenient location at the top of the site!


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We know you’re going to love MyKish.com! Take a look around and let us know what you think.


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