Everything You Need to Get Prepared

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Travel Resources & Tools

When it comes to traveling, more preparation makes for less stress, a smoother experience, and a more enjoyable time. Use these helpful resources and tips to prepare for your next trip—and be sure to bookmark (look for our “” suggestions) any sites that might come in handy while you’re traveling.



International Travel

  • To apply for or renew your passport and learn about all things passport-related, visit the U.S. Department of State website.
  • Remember that your Kish Travel Specialist is always available to help you with this process! We’re here to answer any questions you have and make sure you’ve taken care of all the details required for your international travel.

Visit the U.S. Department of State website for the most up-to-date worldwide travel information, including:

  • Country-specific information
  • Current travel advisories and alerts
  • Emergency information
  • Other important information for U.S. travelers abroad

To avoid surprise charges when you get home, make sure you know your options for using your cell phone internationally well before you leave. Check the different options and plans offered by your carrier to choose the best option for you:

Not sure what today’s exchange rate is for the Thai Bhat? Need to convert that dinner tab from a London restaurant to dollars for your business expense report? This handy Currency Converter is a must to keep on-hand!

  • Plan ahead for jet lag and build time into your schedule for recovery when you arrive.
  • Coordinate schedules for any calls with family, friends, or work associates back in the states while you’re abroad.
  • Plan for possible limits in ground transportation availability when you’re arriving at odd hours.
  • The World Time Server is your easy access point to time-zone-specific information for anywhere in the world

Airports & Flying

With baggage policy changes occurring frequently, trying to plan ahead and avoid fees can be frustrating. Use the links below to find current information on policies, fees, checked baggage allowances, prohibited items, and more from some of the biggest airlines.

Don’t see your airline listed here? Talk to your Kish Travel Specialist and we’ll provide all the information you need!

  • FlightStats is our team’s go-to site for details and real-time updates on flights and the airports of the world—including updated departure/arrival times, what to expect at your destination airport, weather conditions, and more.
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises and stay informed of any last-minute changes that may affect your travel by checking your departure and destination locations a few hours before it’s time to leave for your flight.
  • Checking in to your flight ahead of time online can save you significant time and stress when you arrive at the airport.
  • Depending on your airline, it may also give you other benefits such as increasing your chance of selecting a more desirable seat or making other last-minute changes.
  • Access online check-in service from top airlines:

Don’t see your airline listed here? Just ask your Kish Travel Specialist and we’ll get you the information you need.

Flight Tracker from FlightStats is an easy way to track the status (on time, en-route, landed, delayed, etc.) of most flights, domestic and worldwide. Use it to find out ahead of time about delays or cancellations, to confirm a family member or friend’s safe arrival when they’re traveling, and more.

Understanding the latest regulations on what you can and can’t pack in your luggage or take through security is crucial for packing and planning.

  • TSA’s Security Screening section provides all the current information you’ll need to know.
  • The What Can I Bring? tool is a quick and easy way to find out exactly what items you can and can’t bring.

For Any Trip

  • Whether you’re traveling domestically or abroad, packing smart is the key to a stress-free experience.
  • Take some time (well before you begin feeling the “last minute pressure”) to brainstorm and write down a master list of everything you’ll need.
  • If you’re an inexperienced traveler, making packing a team effort can help you make sure you don’t overlook anything—ask a family member, friend, or colleague to help you make a list.
  • Your Kish Travel Specialist is an invaluable resource for ideas about what to pack, so don’t hesitate to ask for our help!
  • Both in the U.S. and abroad, your ATM card can be an easy way to get cash in the local currency.
  • Keep these ATM locators on-hand to find nearby ATMs when you’re traveling.
  • Plan ahead by checking with your card issuer about possible fees for using out-of-area ATMs, foreign currency conversion fees, etc.
  • Always remember to check the weather forecast for your destination while packing!
  • Use Weather.com or your favorite weather app to look ahead at the forecast.
  • Your Kish Travel Specialist is a great resource for weather information. With our in-depth expertise on the seasonal climates of destinations around the world, we can help prepare you for what to expect and what to pack—so feel free to pick our brains!

Even in the digital age, consulting maps ahead of time can help you plan ahead in a variety of ways, including:

  • Getting directions
  • Finding parking
  • Finding restaurants, services, and other points of interest at your destination
  • Familiarizing yourself with the street layout of the area you’re staying in

Google Maps and similar websites/apps can help you find the most efficient routes, provide real-time traffic updates, and more. With your mobile device, you can easily use these tools while you travel!