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Attempts to Gain/Change Digital Banking Login Info

October 11, 2022


There has been an industry-wide increase in “spoofing” fraud attempts in which individuals receive a text message and/or phone call from someone claiming to be their bank’s “fraud department” or “fraud alert system,” and eventually coaching the individual to provide their Digital Banking login information and/or change their password.

Please be highly vigilant about these types of scams and remember: Kish will NEVER ask you for, or request that you change, your Digital Banking password or answers to your security questions. These are the keys to accessing your money, and they should never be shared with anyone!


What To Look For:

Targeted individuals could receive, for example, a text message from “Kish Bank Fraud Alert” or something similar stating that a charge of $X.XX at [merchant name] has been declined, and asking the recipient to reply YES or NO if they authorized the charge. The recipient would then receive a phone call from a seemingly genuine/local phone number where, upon answering, a person claiming to be a bank representative would coach them to provide their Digital Banking login information and change their password. If the fraudster succeeds in this, they would then possess access to the user’s account.


What To Do:

  • Be alert! DO NOT provide any of your information to, or change your Digital Banking password/security questions for, anyone who contacts you.
  • If something seems unusual, hang up and report the incident to Kish by calling our Client Solutions Center at 1-800-981-5474, or using another known Kish Bank phone number.
  • Learn more about how to protect yourself from fraud.