Security Alerts

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Text Messages and Calls Impersonating Kish

April 1, 2024


There has been an increase in fraudulent text messages and phone calls pretending to be “Kish Bank” or the “Kish Innovation Center” in an attempt to ultimately gain customers’ Digital Banking information.

REMEMBER:  Kish will NEVER ask you for your Digital Banking password or answers to your security questions. These are the keys to accessing your money and should never be shared with anyone!

What To Look For:

In the events we have been made aware of, the targeted customers have received a text message appearing to be from “Kish Bank” claiming that a large transaction has been authorized and prompting the customer to click a link to stop the transaction. Customers have also received “spoofing” phone calls appearing to be from the “Kish Innovation Center” in which the caller is attempting to “verify a fraudulent transaction.” The ultimate goal of the fraudsters is to gain the customer’s personal information/Digital Banking login information in order to access their account(s).

What To Do:

  • Do NOT click any links sent to you through text message or provide your Digital Banking password or security questions/answers to anyone who contacts you!
  • Respond to all unsolicited contact by calling us directly at our published number, 1-800-981-5474, or another known Kish Bank phone number.
  • Learn more about how to protect yourself from fraud.